Promotion Meeting: Change in Language Entry Requirements from NCI

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On March 25, 2020, when the offline meeting could not be held due to the epidemic, Xinxiang Office of ACEIRELAND invited the students of Group 17 of HRM joint programme between NCI and HBU and their parents to participate in the online promotion meeting m which interprets the change in language entry requirements made by NCI.

The meeting was attended by about 20 people. At the meeting, Ms. Li Yanru from Xinxiang office of ACEIRELAND explained to students and parents the latest entry policy of National College of Ireland (NCI) and introduced recent information related to studying abroad. She also shared the influence and benefit of overseas study during undergraduate programme for master programme application. At the end of the meeting, she explained in detail how to fill in the form needed to submit when applying for NCI offer. Through this online meeting, students have a better understanding of language entry requirement, increasing their attention to Ireland. Students also have a better understanding how to fill in the application form and during the process, the connection between students and the visa office has become closer.

After the meeting, the visa office conducted one-on-one exchanges with some students to answer their questions about NCI and application and solve their problems in the application process.