ACEIRELAND Extends Good Wishes to Hebei University in a Letter

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On 17 March, Dr. Guo Jie, Managing Director of ACEIRELAND, wrote to Professor Guo Jian, Party Secretary of HBU, and Academician Kang Le, President of HBU. Dr. Guo on behalf of the committee of ACEIRELAND has given highly appraisal of HBU’s efforts and achievements in the fight against COVID – 19 and of effective organization and efficient work in HBU while ensuring the safety of faculty staff and students. And in this letter, he also shares experience and ideas of the prevention and control of the epidemic and expresses his belief in HBU’s capacity to restore normal teaching and research work at an early date.

HBU and ACEIRELAND are closely connected in carrying out international cooperation in China and the joint programme the two sides are working on plays an important role in promoting the influence of ACEIRELAND in China and facilitating international cooperation.